Communication and Public Opinion

Communication & Public Opinion

The Foundation supports projects that seek to enhance communication and mutual understanding between the American and Japanese people. Technology has evolved, and the institutions and topics of conversation keep changing, but the high value of greater awareness and communication among average citizens, as well as leaders in a variety of fields from our two countries is a constant.

The Foundation will consider communication and public opinion projects that not only raise awareness about Japan in the US and/or US in Japan, but also deal with concrete issues that affect the bilateral relationship (or are faced by the two nations). As foreign policy increasingly is subject to public opinion (and is often influenced by non-governmental actors), there is a need in both countries for increased and more diversified coverage of international news and current events, as well as strong links between certain non-government organizations (NGOs) to enhance bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

In addition, since mutual understanding between American and Japanese society requires deeper cultural knowledge, the Foundation occasionally supports documentary films, performances, exhibitions, and lectures that focus on Japanese/American culture.

A look at our recent grant activity (link here) will help potential applicants understand the diversity of projects supported under this program. As with all other Foundation Programs, priority is given to projects that can demonstrate originality, broad appeal, enduring impact, excellent management and a well constructed plan for execution and success.

Communication and Public Opinion grants focus on the following areas:

Print Media – Exchange programs, Fellowships, Research, Symposia, etc. involving journalists, editors, or other print media professionals leading to professional development and/or an article series or publication.

Broadcast Media – Exchange programs, Fellowships, Research, Symposiums, etc. involving broadcast journalists, editors, or other broadcast media professionals (radio or TV) resulting in professional development and/or a story series or other special coverage.

Internet – Communication platforms, moderated discussion groups, links between non-profit organizations (NPOs) or other projects that take advantage of new Internet technologies to enhance communication in support of the Foundation’s mission.

NGO / NPO Links – Projects of cooperation, communication, education and/or collaboration between US and Japanese Civil Society organizations (in support of the Foundation’s mission).

Documentary Film / Video(and other multi-media) – The Foundation supports documentary films about Japan and the US-Japan relationship.

Opinion Polling / Public Opinion Research – Occasionally the Foundation will support such a project if there is demonstrated need and lack of other support from more traditional sources.

Exhibitions – The Foundation occasionally supports artistic and cultural performances and exhibitions that communicate Japanese and/or American cultural issues and background to American and Japanese audiences.

The categories listed above are not intended to be exhaustive. The Foundation is always looking for unique approaches to strengthening the US-Japan relationship.

For a description of the application process, please click here.

Comments and questions regarding the guidelines are encouraged.

For more information regarding the Communication and Public Opinion Grant Programs at the United States-Japan Foundation, please contact David Janes, Director of Foundation Grants and Assistant to the President, at or via phone at (212) 481-8757.

Funding Programs

Communication & Public Opinion“Filming in Japan was a critical turning point in the production of MRS JUDO. I am eternally grateful that the US-Japan Foundation shared the early vision of the film and provided the funding to make this possible.”

Yuriko Gamo Romer
Flying Carp Productions

Communication & Public Opinion“Support from the United States-Japan Foundation has been the driving force to allow 9.11 to 3.11 communities sharing the Tohoku disaster experience and developing family like bonds.”

Robert Yanagisawa
Vice President
Japanese Medical Society of America