US-Japan Foundation Honors Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda

On November 17, 2010, Dr. Toyoda was awarded the Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award at a private meeting at Toyota Motor Corporation.

Shoichiro Toyoda is honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, which he joined in 1952. Dr. Toyoda progressed through numerous positions with the company before being named chairman in 1992. He assumed the presidency of the newly integrated Toyota Motor Corporation in 1982, having previously served as executive vice president and senior managing director.

Dr. Toyoda serves on the boards of a number of corporate and non-corporate organizations. He has been honorary chairman of the Japanese Federation of Economic Organizations (Nippon Keidanren) since 2002. In addition, he has received more than two dozen awards and medals in Japan, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Dr. Toyoda holds BS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering.

Osamu Goto, group vice president and coordinating officer of Toyota Motor North America’s Washington, D.C., office, represents Dr. Toyoda on the Mansfield Foundation Board. Mr. Goto began his career with Toyota Motor Company’s Domestic Legal Division in 1979 after graduating from the School of Law at Hokkaido University. He has served in several of Toyota’s legal divisions as well as in positions in Brussels and California. Immediately prior to his current position he was general manager of Toyota’s Overseas External Affairs Division.