October 2007


Asian Cine-Vision

To support an education epilogue and teaching guide to the feature length documentary film, Wings of Defeat. New York, NY. $44,796

Anacortes School District

To support the second year of a three-year program of Japanese language instruction at Island View Elementary School in Anacortes, WA. Anacortes, Washington. $1,427

Bethlehem Central Middle School

To support an art exchange project between students at Bethlehem Central Middle School in New York State and the Junior High School at the Oizumi Campus of Gakugei University. Delmar, New York. $2,000

Grace Church School

To support the Yukuhashi-Grace Church School Exchange. New York, NY. $14,000

Japan-America Society of Washington, DC

To support the thirteenth year of a national Japanese language and culture competition for high school students (Japan Bowl). Washington, DC. $50,000

Mountain Institute

To support the first year of a three-year project to develop new and innovative middle to high school level curricula that use the virtual climb of each mountain as the central study themes to introduce American and Japanese students to the history, culture, geography, and environmental issues of each otherfs countries in new and engaging ways. Washington, DC. $49,987

Nanzan University

To support the second year of the Nagoya American Studies Summer Seminars, which aim to enhance mutual understanding between Americans and Japanese. Nagoya, Japan. $35,000

Rutgers University Foundation

To support the publication of Dr. Benjamin Duke’s book titled The History of Modern Japanese Education by Rutgers University Press. New Brunswick, New Jersey. $10,500

Simmons College

To support the third year of a three-year teacher-professional development program that will introduce Boston Public elementary school teachers to the study of Japan. Boston, Massachusetts. $75,000

Temple University Japan

To support the second year of a three-year US study tour for Japanese high school teachers, including lectures, historical tours, and follow-up workshops that will focus on American Studies. Tokyo, Japan. ¥ 3,500,000

University of Oklahoma

To support the second year of a two-year seminar on modern Japan for 25 K-12 teachers in Oklahoma. Norman, Oklahoma. $15,296

University of Pennslyvania

To support the first year of a three-year program to prepare educators to teach about contemporary Japan in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. $74,082

International University of Japan(IUJ)

To support the first year of a two-year project to research and produce a comprehensive and updated book on the U.S. foreign policy decision making process. Niigata, Japan. ¥ 946,000

Communication and Public Opinion

Asian Cine-Vision

To support the creation of a documentary film which focuses on the 50 year friendship between John Rockefeller III and Shigeharu Matsumoto, and explores the vital projects they worked on together to cement a lasting two-way relationship between the United States and Japan. New York, New York. $55,176

National Bureau of Asian Research

To support the continuation of monthly analyses of Japanese publications by Ms. Fumiko Halloran on the Japan-US Discussion Forum. Seattle, Washington. $10,000

The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation

To support the first year of a two-year project to enhance the Asian Opinion Poll Database, an online reference tool for researchers in the United State to monitor and access public opinion trends in Japan and other Asian nations. Washington, DC. $10,000

US-Japan Policy Studies

Council on Foreign Relations

To support the second year of a three-year project to explore the prospects and potential for a new regional security architecture in the Asia-Pacific Region. New York, New York. $60,000

Institute for International Policy Studies(IIPS)

To support the first year of a three-year series of comprehensive studies of what the Japan-US Alliance toward 2020 should be. Tokyo, Japan. \ 6,715,000

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)

To support a symposium titled Meeting a Rising China, to be held in Tokyo on January 23, 2008, that will bring together academics and policy makers from Japan and the United States to address economic, military and political concerns that arise from Chinese emergence on the regional and world stage. Cambridge, Massachusetts. $10,000

Pacific Forum(CSIS)

To support the third year of a three-year focused policy dialogue on U.S.-Japan-China relations that will draw attention to the long-term strategic goals of the three countries, and how current policy positions and pronouncements – on all three sides – impact the realization of those goals. Honolulu, Hawaii. $85,008