April 2016


Japan Society of Boston

To support the creation of a set of units for the MIT Visualizing Cultures website based on James T. UIak’s 2014 exhibition of prints by Kobayashi Kiyochika at The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C., titled, “Master of the Night.”
Boston, MA. $50,000

AmerAsian School in Okinawa

To support the salary for an Information Communication Technology Education teacher and to provide college scholarships for AmerAsian students.
Ginowa, Okinawa, Japan. ¥4,000,000

Creative Connections

To support an arts-based cultural education project for students in Japan and the United States.
Norwalk, CT. $43,750

Japan Society

To support the Japan Society of New York’s pre-college education programs including their educator’s study tour to Japan, their professional development program for teachers, and their junior fellows leadership program.
New York, NY. $100,000

Japan-America Society of the State of Washington

To support America in the Schools, a new initiative that will develop the curriculum, tools and infrastructure to introduce American culture into Japanese elementary schools in a grassroots way.
Mercer Island, WA. $124,346

Kizuna Across Cultures

To support the Global Classmates program for high school students in the US and Japan, which builds friendships, enhances language skills, and deepens cultural knowledge through dynamic online interaction.
Washington, DC. $71,000

US-Japan Technical Connections

To support a technical education program in Fukuoka, Japan for high school students from Vermont.
South Royalton, VT. $32,333

Council for Educational Advancement

To support a teacher professional development program titled, “Okinawa’s Challenge: Remembering the Past – Shaping the Future” that will present American teachers and their students with an unusual opportunity to study a unique part of Japan with a long history unknown to most Americans.
St. Louis, MO. $38,031

Foreign Policy Research Institute

To support a teacher professional development program which focuses on the changing political and economic environment of Japan.
Philadelphia, PA. $97,284

Global Kids

To support the GK Youth Ambassadors Program to engage a cohort of American students in an intensive study of US-Japan relations, including a trip to Japan that will include engaging in community service projects with Japanese youth.
New York, NY. $75,000

Globalize DC

To support a Japanese language and culture program in Washington, DC, for public school students.
Washington, DC. $88,605

Foundation for the International School of Asia, Karuizawa

To nurture next generation leaders by supporting scholarships for US students to attend ISAK ‘s summer school and high school.
Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. ¥11,500,000

NPO Katariba

To support a research trip to the US focused on Project-Based Learning for Japanese high school students and mentors.
Tokyo, Japan. ¥5,980,000

Midori and Friends

To support Midori and Friends’ music education programs in underprivileged elementary schools in the New York City area, including their Journey to Japan program.
New York, NY. $50,000

Onojo International Exchange Association

To support a career and cultural study program in Vermont for high school students from Onojo City, Japan.
Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. ¥1,800,000

S&R Foundation

To support a two-week U.S. study abroad program implemented by the S&R Foundation for Japanese undergraduate and graduate students that is designed to empower the next generation of leaders with the kills and networks they will need to thrive in an increasingly globalized society.
Washington, DC. $100,001

Abraham Lincoln High School

To support a US-Japan cultural exchange program, guest speaker program, and Japanese program as part of the 2016 Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Awards.
San Francisco, CA. $5,000

US-Japan Technical Connections

To support learning materials and scholarship for fellows of the Japan program to return to Japan as part of the 2016 Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Awards.
South Royalton, VT. $5,000

Communication and Public Opinion

Japanese Medical Society of America

To support travel to Tohoku for a group of 9/11 survivors, Rotarians, and trauma experts to share post disaster recovery experiences with victims in Japan, to foster self-motivation in communities toward recovery, and to encourage sustainable long-term community support in Tohoku.
New York, NY. $50,000

Portland State University

To support public lecture and performing art programs focused on Japan at Portland State University’s Center for Japanese Studies.
Portland, OR. $64,785

National Association of Japan-America Societies

To support the Secretariat for the Manjiro Center for International Exchange-U.S., which helps operate the annual Manjiro U.S.-Japan Grassroots Summit.
Washington, DC. $15,000

US-Japan Policy Studies

National Committee on American Foreign Policy

To support track II meetings that will consider ways to enhance trilateral and quadrilateral security cooperation in Northeast Asia.
New York, NY. $89,980