April 2014


Calloway County School District

To support Calloway County School District’s precollege Japanese language program under the direction of Ms. Masayo Nakamura. Murray, KY. $10,000

Creative Connections

To support an arts-based cultural education project for students in Japan and the United States. Norwalk, CT. $33,900

Foundation for the International School of Asia, Karuizawa

To support scholarships for American students to participate in ISAK’s summer school, regular school program, and to support a leadership consultant from the US to attend their educator’s workshop. Tokyo, Japan. ¥4,920,000

George Washington High School

To support an interactive digital learning initiative that will allow students studying Japanese language at George Washington High School to use technology to interact with students in Japan and enhance their Japanese language ability and as part of the 2014 Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Award. San Francisco, CA. $5,000

Global Fund for Educational Assistance (Beyond Tomorrow)

To support a program that provides high school students from communities in Tohoku impacted by the 3.11 disaster with opportunities to learn about leadership through an intensive program in the United States. Tokyo, Japan. ¥4,934,899

Grace Church School

To support a student exchange program between Grace Church School in New York and schools in Yukuhashi, Japan. New York, NY. $10,000

Johns Hopkins University

To support aid for a current or future student in Japan Studies at the SAIS Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asia Studies at Johns Hopkins University and in conjunction with the Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award bestowed upon Dr. Kurt A. Gitter in April 2014. Washington, DC. $10,000

Longmeadow Public Schools

To support the Longmeadow-Takikawa Exchange Program as part of the 2014 Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Award. Longmeadow, MA. $5,000

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

To support the development and implementation of a dedicated pre-college component within the new MIT/Harvard massive open online course (MOOC), “Visualizing Japan in the Modern World” for the Fall of 2014. Cambridge, MA. $44,590.70

Midori Foundation (Midori & Friends)

To support Midori and Friends’ music education program in underprivileged elementary schools in the New York City area, including their Journey to Japan program. New York, NY. $50,000

President and Fellows of Middlebury College (Monterey Institute of International Studies)

To support the third year of an education program designed to promote awareness of nonproliferation and international peace and security issues and the development of critical thinking skills among high school students in the US and Japan. Monterey, CA. $59,180

The Parents Union

To support an on-line community of parents to enhance their children’s experiences in school. Seattle, WA. $5,000

University of Colorado Foundation

To support the development and dissemination of a formal online curriculum publication and a platform for online mini-courses that: 1) offer a pedagogical framework and exemplary lessons for world history teachers in the United States to teach new historical episodes and narratives of Japan in world history and, 2) rely on peer critique and discussion, including an online exchange between US and Japanese in-service and pre-service teachers. Boulder, CO. $27,210

White River Rotary Charitable Fund (US-Japan Technical Connections)

To support a vocational technical education program that will engage students from Vermont and New Hampshire in a two-week study program in Japan, and to provide initial support that will bring Japanese students to Vermont. White River Junction, VT. $30,500

Communication and Public Opinion

Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation, Inc.

To support Dystonia and Parkinson’s disease research and in honor of Bonnie and Tom Strauss. New York, NY. $5,000

Center for Independent Documentary

To support the initial development of a documentary film titled Diamond Diplomacy about the role of baseball in US-Japan relations. Sharon, MA. $15,800

Japanese Medical Society of America

To support travel to Tohoku for a group of 9/11 survivors, Rotarians, and trauma experts to share post-disaster recovery experiences with victims in Japan, to foster self-motivation in communities toward recovery, and to encourage sustainable long-term community support in Tohoku. New York, NY. $50,000

National Association of Japan-America Societies (John Manjiro-Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange US)

To support the continued development of a secretariat for the U.S. arm of the John Manjiro-Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange (CIE) at the National Association of Japan-America Societies and to support the 24th America-Japan Grassroots Summit in San Diego in 2014. Washington, DC. $30,000

Richard J. Caron Foundation

To support Caron Treatment Center’s alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. Wernersville, PA. $5,000

US-Japan Policy Studies

Council on Foreign Relations

To support the first year of a project that will look carefully at Japan’s nationalist politics to examine their impact on the US-Japan alliance, and will engage leading experts from the United States and Japan in a conversation about how to manage these reactive nationalisms in Northeast Asia. New York, NY. $99,611

National Committee on American Foreign Policy

To support Track II meetings that will consider ways to enhance trilateral and quadrilateral security cooperation in Northeast Asia. New York, NY. $60,060

Washington State University Foundation

To support the Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service at Washington State University and to honor Tom Foley’s more than 30 years of public service. Pullman, WA. $5,000