April 2012


Lincoln Memorial University

To support the LMU-Kanto study abroad program. Harrogate, TN. $7,000

Foundation for International School of Asia, Karuizawa

To support five full scholarships for American junior high school students to attend the summer camp in Karuizawa, Japan from July 20 to 30, 2012 directed by the International School of Asia. Tokyo, Japan. ¥ 2,060,000

Hiroshima University

To support a peace education and intercultural understanding project between U.S. School Teachers and Japanese Junior High School Students in Hiroshima, Japan. Hiroshima, Japan. ¥ 1,118,400

Trinity College

To support the Scott M. Johnson ’97 Memorial Fund that supports the College’s partnership with the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund in order to bring to the College Visiting Scholars in Residence who are foreign nationals whose academic and intellectual work has put his or her career, liberty, and/or personal safety at hazard in his or her home country. Hartford, CT. $15,000

Association of American Geographers

To support the first year of a two-year project to develop online educational resources that support teaching collaborations between high schools in the United States and Japan. Washington, DC. $30,000

Midori Foundation

To support Midori and Friends’ music education programs in underprivileged elementary schools in the New York City area. New York, NY. $30,000

White River Rotary Charitable Fund

To support the creation of a new non-profit organization titled US-Japan Technical Connections. White River Junction, VT. $9,200

Cooperating School Districts of the St. Louis Suburban Area

To support an in-depth professional development program for St. Louis area high school teachers to critically examine U.S.-Japan relations through a careful reading and analysis of four books by John Dower. St. Louis, MO. $31,922

The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University

To support the creation of new theme-focused materials for teaching Japanese language, taking the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 3/11/11 as the centripetal point. Stanford, CA. $50,875

President and Fellows of Middlebury College

To support the first year of a three-year education program designed to promote awareness of nonproliferation and international peace and security issues and the development of critical thinking skills among high school students in the US and Japan. Monterey, CA. $50,118

University of Colorado Foundation

To support a professional development program for secondary world history teachers in the Rocky Mountain and Plains states focused on Japan’s intercultural and foreign relations throughout history. Boulder, CO. $35,969

Boy’s School of St. Paul’s Parish

To support the purchase of technology to help improve the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of students in Mr. William Matsuzaki’s Japanese language classes as part of the 2012 Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Award. Brooklandville, MD. $5,000

Primary Source

To support an educational program focused on Japanese history and culture through the use of film and as part of the United States-Japan Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award. Watertown, MA. $10,000

The Young Mens Christian Association of Oak Park, Illinois

To support the Global Teen Service-Learning Program in Japan. Oak Park, IL. $20,000

Communication and Public Opinion

S & R Foundation

To support Overtures: S&R Foundation Artist Concert Series at the Kennedy Center during the Centennial Celebration of the gift of cherry trees from Japan. Bethesda, MD. $10,000

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

To support an in-depth examination of US perceptions of Japan and the US-Japan alliance as part of the Council’s 2012 Public Opinion Study “Global Views 2012.” Chicago, IL. $30,000

International Center for Journalists

To support reporting tours to Japan for select US journalists in order the understand Japanfs present challenges and opportunities against the backdrop of the Japan-US relationship. Washington, DC. $45,609

Japan Society of Boston

To support a feasibility study for the creation of a permanent home for the Japan Society of Boston. Boston, MA. $10,000

Japan Cultural Center and Gardens of Saginaw, Inc.

To support a Japan Festival to be held in September 2012. Saginaw, MI. $3,000

John Manjiro-Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange (US)

To support an operating partnership with the National Association of Japan-America Societies to establish a permanent presence for CIE-U.S. in the United States, with the aim of strengthening and institutionalizing its America-Japan Grassroots Summit program. Washington, DC. $30,000

US-Japan Policy Studies

National Committee on American Foreign Policy

To support a track II US-Japan-ROK strategic dialogue on enhancing trilateral security cooperation. New York, NY. $25,000

University of Niigata Prefecture

To support a project on how to reinvent the Japan-US Alliance. Tokyo, Japan. ¥ 667,000

Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation

To review Japan’s lost decade. Tokyo, Japan. ¥ 3,989,250