April 2010


Laurasian Institution

To support scholarships for economically challenged students to travel to Japan this summer as part of the New Perspectives Japan program. Seattle, WA. $6,000

Gitter-Yelen Foundation

To support the second year of a series of Japanese art education workshops in New Orleans. New Orleans, LA. $20,000

Midori Foundation (Midori and Friends)

To support Midori and Friends’ music education programs in underprivileged elementary schools in the New York City area. New York, NY. $30,000

Keio University

To support a pilot internet-mediated American Studies program for Japanese high school students. Kanagawa, Japan. $50,000

Ohio Northern University

To support a U.S.-Japan Camp that brings twenty American high school students interested in Japanese language and culture together to participate in an innovative, academically-oriented immersion program during the summer at Ohio Northern University (ONU) in the West Central Ohio community of Ada. Ada, OH. $40,608

Rochester Institute of Technology (National Technical Institute for the Deaf)

To support a pilot program for high school students who are deaf from Japan and the US to enhance and enrich their understanding of the cultures (deaf and hearing) of each country by comparing and contrasting them over a 12 month period. Rochester, NY. $72,041

The Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University

To support the development of educational materials, in partnership with the Tribute WTC Center, that help students to reflect upon the impact of September 11th and the humanitiarian efforts that took place in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center. Stanford, CA. $23,863

The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

To support a pilot Japan House Summer Arts Camp for up to 20 children, ages 8 to 12 that will explore the culture and traditional arts of Japan and introduce Japanese concepts. Champaign, IL. $12,474

Communication and Public Opinion

The Aspen Institute

To support the planning and the organization of the 2011 Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum to be held in Tokyo and Mikata, Japan, under the theme of “the Art of Peace Building.” Washington, DC. $40,000

Class Acts Arts

To support the continued creation of a feature length documentary chronicling the “life” of pictures drawn by children of Hiroshima, Japan in 1947 in gratitude to a church in Washington, DC for their donations of art supplies. Silver Spring, MD. $49,912.50


To support the design, production, and hosting of a Japanese-language website about Japanese American history focusing on World War II detention that will be promoted in Japan in collaboration with the Tokyo Broadcasting System’s new drama about a Japanese American family. Seattle, WA. $25,000

Japan-America Society of Indiana

To support the Japan Exhibition at the Indiana State Fair in August of 2010, which will feature traditional and contemporary Japanese arts and cultural activities. Indianapolis, IN. $10,000

Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation

To support a program that aims to improve the effectiveness of aid delivered by Japanese NGOs that utilize Overseas Development Assistance funds from the Japanese government. Tokyo, Japan. ¥4,280,000

Simmons College

To support a series of workshops in Japan that aims to strengthen the capacity of women to provide leadership and work effectively in the non-profit sector. Boston, MA. $61,490

Tides Center

To support a project that will train and send up to 10 young multimedia reporters and mentors to Okinawa to produce short video stories aimed for publication on the web site of The Washington Post. San Francisco, CA. $15,000

Whitfield-Manjiro Friendship Society

To support the training of tour guides for the new Captain Whitfield Museum, as well as to offer Japanese language classes. Fairhaven, MA. $16,410